Graduation photography is one of my favourite things to photograph. It’s such a huge milestone in peoples lives. Not only is it a new beginning for the grad but also for their parents. Life drastically changes. Children move away from home, start new jobs, enrol in university, or start globetrotting. The options are endless and its such a wonderful time. The world is their oyster and they’re filled with so much potential and gumption. There is nothing more wonderful than photographing this time in life. When they’re about to run full steam into the world bursting with dreams and a blank slate.

Then there comes shopping for the dress! There is usually only two times in life when a women gets to dress up like an actual princess and that is for graduation and their wedding. I’m lucky that I get to photograph both of those! Hello best job ever!

This is Olivia. We headed to Saskatoon’s Forestry Farm and captured absolute magic. As a photographer in Saskatoon I am constantly finding new amazing spots to photograph and the Forestry Farm never disappoints. Every time I go there I find a new amazing spot. The first photo below is one of those new spots 🙂 I love me some nature!

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