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Picture this: It's your wedding day! Your stress levels are zero-to-non, you've got your sexy new husband by your side, and there's nothin' but a whole lotta good vibes and good times comin' your way!

Heyo! I'm Brin, Saskatoon Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire! My favourite thing (besides spicy food and travel biographies) is spending time with couples, capturing the most beautiful and happiest moments of their lives and making sure they feel absolutely at ease the whole way through.  

Not into those stiff, posed, traditional photos you've seen while looking through those stuffy bridal magazines? Are you looking for photos that are emotive and romantic? Photos where you can see your true personalities shine right through? Look no further, ladies and gentlemen, because I GOT YOU! With each frame I document, I strive to photograph the happiest and unscripted of moments while you're feeling your most comfortable selves. With my magical process of posing guidance and natural prompts, you can feel confident that you're absolutely rocking these portraits while being focused on your person and your love for each other all at the same time!

"she was so much fun to work with that she quickly helped us relax into our happy-go-lucky demeanors."

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I'm Brin!  I am the photographer and the passion behind Be Photography and I've been a professional photographer for over ten years (crazy!) In a nutshell: I am a world traveler, an artist, and the definition of passion. I am a dreamer.  

Personally, I'm laid back and extremely passionate about photography and emotion. I love capturing romantic and intimate images of my couples but also can't resist fun unposed images especially when it comes to wedding parties. Stiff poses are a big no no! Also, if you look through my portfolio you'll notice that nature is my muse and bold colours are my jam.

I spend most of my free time with my husband and children.  But I'm also a sucker for the ocean, travel biographies, and spicy food.

I'm the photographer for you if:
- You love nature and don't mind getting your dress a little dirty
- You're laid back and love to goof around
- You love bold colours and buttery backgrounds
- You're looking for an awesome experience
- You want an awesome photographer - ME!

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"I don't belive in magic.", the young boy said.
the old man smiled. "you will when you see her."

On your wedding day, I believe that every emotion, moment, and detail is important. From champagne toasts with your girls, teary-eyed vows with your love, and dancing with your dad – each joyous second should be captured so you can remember it forever. 

I've photographed 175+ weddings in the last 15 years, but I'm so much more than just a photographer – I'm a friend who can give you planning advice, an extra bridesmaid that fluffs your dress, and a cheerleader that celebrates your love.

As your wedding photographer, I vow to give you a stress-free and fun wedding photography experience that's wholeheartedly built around serving you and your fiancé. It would be an absolute honour to play a  part in your big day!

the experience

Where love and nature collide

"Brin is such an amazing person and truly makes you feel like a million
bucks while in front of her camera."

from our clients

love letters

- Shirraya + Garrit

"Enough can never be said about Brin and the art of photography in which she possess. Brin has successfully captured the raw and sentimental moments from our fall engagment session, along with the emotional and passionate memories from our summer wedding. Even though it rained throughout the entire duration of our wedding day, Brin reassured this skeptical bride that the photographs would be amazing. And boy, was she right! We fell in love with the "sneak peaks" she had posted the very next day, along with our entire wedding collection that we received shorlty after. Brin has a gift for capturing natural light images and authentic moments, which is exactly what we wanted."

- Jessica + Jordan

"Although having our pictures taken is not something we were necessarily comfortable with she made the experience absolutely fantastic and filled with "natural" smiles from all of the laughter. While the experience being great is essential, so is the quality of the photos... and to say that we are thrilled with how they turned out would be an understatement!!"

- Samantha + Gregory

"Our experience with Brin was wonderful. I can't thank her enough for capturing our busy family. With two young boys that didn't always want to cooperate you would never tell in the pictures- which by the way were amazing!. Brin was patient, creative, professional and gave us exactly what we wanted -- A special memory of our family that we will have for a lifetime. "




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